Endorsements for Lily Whiteman’s Career-Boosting Coaching, Seminars and Book

“Lily Whiteman’s neat, well-organized book demonstrated that my 18 years on the subcommittee with direct oversight over federal employees haven’t taught me all I want to know…How to Land a Top Paying Federal Job is an invaluable tool for the federal job and promotion search, but the guidance in these pages will serve the reader wherever good jobs are available.”

– Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton of Washington, D.C.

“Anyone who aspires to a federal position or promotion within the federal service will find Whiteman’s advice invaluable as they prevail over obstacles of entry and advancement throughout their federal careers.”

– Farrell J. Chiles, former Chairman of the Board, National Organization of Blacks in Government

Lily Whiteman provided an exceptional seminar. Comments (from attendees) included:  
“Excellent session—Ms. Whiteman thinks out of the box, she exuded energy, her examples and style were excellent.”
“Great tips! I’ll put them into use immediately. I feel motivated.”

– The Federal Communicators Network

“This is the perfect book for anyone wanting to get into the federal government for the first time, or for those already in the federal government, to get promoted…This book has it all.”

– Association of Career Professionals

“I wish that Lily Whiteman’s ground-breaking book had been around when I was in grad school.  An invaluable resource to be used throughout your career. You won’t find another book on the market with more honest, relevant advice for landing your dream job in the federal government.”

– Katherine Hudson Walker, Past President of Young Government Leaders

[Lily Whiteman’s book] “pulls together needed and hard-to-find information on ways to get a job in the federal government. It is a very helpful resource.”

– Sandy Hessler, Director of Career Advancement, Harvard Kennedy School

“Great Information…[Lily] provides a behind-the-scenes perspective from hiring managers…liberally injects humor.”

– National Career Development Association

“For people who want to explore job and career options with the federal government — and for professionals who work with them — this excellent book is the dream resource they have been hoping to find…. Lily Whiteman steers the reader clearly and confidently through the process of investigating federal government career options; applying, interviewing and negotiating for positions and developing a successful career path within the government sector.”

– NACE Journalthe Journal of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

“The high turn-out and long waiting list for this event [Lily Whiteman’s seminar on landing federal jobs and salary negotiations] clearly indicated the interest of American Women in Science members in applying to government jobs. We sold out available seats in two days and had to start turning people away because we were at capacity. Clearly this is the type of event our members are looking for!”

– The Newsletter of American Women in Science

“Ms. Whiteman trained my interns how to effectively package their credentials so that their applications stand out from the competition. She can do the same for you: the techniques used by Ms. Whiteman will enable you to effectively compete for and land a good job with the federal government. I recommend her book and her trainings to job-seekers of all levels — from entry level to senior level professionals.”

– Beverly J. Arrington, Federal Intern Program Coordinator/Recruiter
  Washington DC

“As an experienced hiring manager, I can tell you that Lily does a great job of explaining how hiring managers think and how to impress them. She is a smart, clever career coach. And because Lily has a wonderful sense of humor, her training sessions are always entertaining as well as enlightening!”

– Heidi McAllister, Environmental Educator and former Peace Corps Hiring Manager
  Washington DC

“I used the interviewing techniques that Lily Whiteman taught me, and I was the ONLY applicant passed forward for my second interview for a Program Manager position — a promotion. At my second interview, I was told that my four interviewers were so impressed with my first interview that they all agreed that I was a perfect fit for the position.

Lily taught me how to prepare for interviews and how to think on my feet during interviews. Thanks to her advice, I gave knowledgeable, energetic answers to agency-specific questions and to substantive programmatic questions. I know for a fact that Lily’s seminar helped me land my federal promotion. I have recommended Lily’s excellent seminars to my colleagues at the US Mint. I only regret that I did not take Lily’s seminars sooner.”

– Carmen Craddock, Federal Human Resources Program Manager
  Washington DC

“Lily Whiteman took what I perceived to have been a more-than-competent resume and she turned it into an elegant, hard-hitting piece of art in no time at all. I was incredulous at the “before” and “after.” Lily doesn’t miss a thing. Lily took a look at what I had done, interviewed me with her probing questions and she brought out accomplishments that I didn’t even realize I had! I highly recommend Ms. Whiteman and her techniques.”

– Kristina Rebelo, Freelance Writer
  Los Angeles California

“Lily Whiteman’s book is an essential and welcome guide to anyone who is navigating the wilderness of finding a rewarding and solid career in today’s job market. Her role as my “resume doctor” makes me confident that my name will stand out in the flood of applicants that every opening draws.”

– Hil Anderson, Journalist
  Carlsbad, California

“Lily Whiteman’s advice and tips helped me land a job that was not only one of the first I applied for, but the one that was on the top of my list. Her strategies were more helpful and effective than those offered by the career coaches at my college. She helped prepare me for every step of the way, from fine-tuning my resume to doing well in my interviews.”

– Julie Hyman, Recent College Graduate
  Washington DC