Salary negotiations may SIGNIFICANTLY BOOST your income

By spending only a few short minutes negotiating, you may earn a big, lifelong payback.

But the rules of the game are rapidly changing: federal employers now have more negotiating flexibility  than ever before.  Lily Whiteman is uniquely qualified to help you maximize the results of your high-stakes salary negotiations!  


Like most employers, federal agencies usually offer job applicants the lowest salary likely to be accepted. In response, most applicants predictably accept whatever salary they’re offered, without question.  Why?  Because most applicants don’t know that federal salaries are often negotiable.


If you’re offered a federal job, negotiate.  Every day, federal agencies are negotiating—and significantly raising their salary offers to large numbers of applicants who deftly negotiate.  

Remember: You definitely won’t get what you don’t ask for.  But you have a great chance of getting what you do ask for.


High-Value Returns from Negotiating: Even a modest increase in your annual federal salary (let alone a big increase) will probably be worth tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, over the course of your career.   And every salary increase will also increase your retirement pension and your employer’s contributions to your retirement savings plan.  Plus, vacation time and other important benefits may also be negotiable.

This means that the few minutes you spend negotiating your salary may be the most financially valuable time you ever spend at work—if you negotiate successfully.

But to negotiate successfully, you must understand how high to aim, which benefits to target, when to negotiate and what to say during negotiations.  Providing expert, experienced-based guidance, Lily Whiteman will quickly arm you with the necessary know-how and confidence to lead successful negotiations.