Lily Whiteman provides the kind of practical career advice that you never learned in school, your friends don’t know and your boss won’t tell you.

Lily Whiteman knows how to win federal salary negotiations because she has experienced these negotiations from every conceivable angle: She led federal salary negotiations as a hiring manager and supervisor, and she repeatedly negotiated higher salaries as she climbed the career ladder into executive positions.  

Lily has coached thousands of job applicants on salary negotiations and on landing their first jobs and promotions.  Known for her illuminating, engaging style, Lily provides these services:


Lily coaches via zoom, phone, email and in person. Her clients include non-federal employees, current feds, applicants to the Senior Executive Service, students—and anyone who wants to understand salary negotiations and accelerate their career ascent.

If you’re considering a job offer now, contact Lily now! Rush services are available!


Lily leads seminars for internship/fellowship programs, federal agencies, associations, colleges and universities, and other career coaches.


Negotiating a Top Salary and Top Benefits

  • When and how to negotiate a top federal salary
  • The big, lifelong payback from successful salary negotiations
  • What to say during salary negotiations
  • How to convincingly justify negotiating requests
  • Conquering your fear of negotiating
  • Keys to negotiating with confidence, power and authority
  • Take it to the limit: How far to push your negotiations
  • A quick guide to the federal salary and career ladder
  • Negotiable federal benefits

Landing Top-Notch Jobs, Internships and Promotions

  • How to find ideal federal jobs, internships and fellowships
  • Acing federal applications and interviews
  • Impressing hiring managers online, on paper and in-person
  • Acing your interviews
  • How to write an irresistible resume
  • Crafting winning application essays (including Executive Core Qualifications)
  • Cover letters that open doors
  • Rocketing to the top: Accelerating your climb up the career ladder
  • How to land a big federal promotion
  • The unparalleled advantages of federal jobs

Topic coverage and seminar length will be tailored to your needs!